Frisco International School offers an  international curriculum. Our mission is to create global citizens who will be a part of world institutions that will make a difference in keeping our planet safe and liveable for them and for future generations. Some of our graduates will go on to become world leaders in Developed countries like the USA and many other countries around the world. 

Our Founders have a vision that private global education is a must for keeping our world safe and to preserve this beautiful planet towards a successful future.

Because of all the above we are fully aware that we must collaborate and be partners with parents, students, teachers, administrators and our business community.


Frisco International School was founded by  Prof. Carlos Roncal a seasoned educator, author and entrepreneur. He  Roncal has spent a lifetime becoming a global citizen, learning languages, working in 27 different countries around the world, and teaching at the university and school level.

Prof. Roncal has served in Senior and Executive positions at important multinationals such as KImberly Clark, Arthur Anderson Consulting. Solectron Manufacturing for IBM, and many other international companies.

He was born in Bolivia where he attended St. Andrews School, an IB – International Baccaulareate School in La Paz Bolivia. He graduated from the University of Missouri- St Louis and continued at Thunderbird-ASU obtaining a Masters degree in Global Management.

During all of the year 2018 he studied at Lamar University to obtain his School Principal Certification Course  Prof. Roncal is 95% fluent in 4 languages and is 25% in Japanese.

The Ronca method of teaching languages is a patent pending method that Prof. Roncal authored and is currenty being used at World Language Schools Language Centers in Texas and other countries around the world. 


Our educators

Our educators come from many different countries, cultures and speak several languages.

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