What is The New Normal?

After many hours of planning and creating a strategy of how to continue our chidren’s education, our parents, teachers, administrators and community agreed that the New Normal is going to be learning Anywhere, Anytime. 

In “The New Normal”
our students will have to learn in the classroom, online or on a Blended Learning modality.

Our Founder and Principal grew up in an IB (international Baccalaureate) school learning in 2 languages, English and Spanish. He continued with French and Portuguese later in college and graduate school. He is now learning the Japanese language.

Because your student will be bilingual or multilingual she or he will be offered better positions globally she will be offered a higher pay and she will travel the world as a leader.

Our classes are in English, Spanish, French and other languages. The school opens a dual language class when there is 10 or more students enrolled in such language