Frisco International School will be offering an international curriculum. We are currently applying for certifications and accreditations.

Announcements will be coming as to how the process is moving along

We are currently also looking for parents, teachers and educators that will like to serve in the curriculum committe.

Please call our School Principal Prof. Carlos Roncal


Frisco International School is founded Prof. Carlos Roncal a seasoned educator, author and entrepreneur. Prof. Roncal is accompanied by a very capable team of parents, teachers, attorneys and entrepreneurs that believe in international education and the learning of other languages.

Our educators

Our educators come from many different countries, cultures and speak several languages.

We are also still recruiting top certified educators and teachers that understand the importance of a global education.

Our mission is to prepare young people to become citizens of the world by understanding different languages, cultures and people. They will be able to be admitted to top universities around the world and will become top professionals and world citizens.

Matriculate and reserve a seat now

We are taking reservations now for our Summer 2021  sessions.

Please call us at 469-588-0539