About Us

Our Story

Our Story

Frisco International School is the passion and dream of our founder Professor Carlos Roncal. He has lived the values and the vision of what our school stands for. He has helped students at the local, national and international level experience what it means to be an internationally minded person and a life long learner.

Our school really started in the mind of Prof. Roncal 20 years ago when he came to the Dallas area. He has since been teaching and promoting an international education as an educator, teacher and administrator at private schools, pre-schools, public schools, charter schools, home schooling groups, Montessori schools, his own school.

Prof. Roncal just finished the Lamar University School Principal Certification preparation course.

He will receive his State of Texas Principal certification in March of 2019.

Our Approach

Frisco International School prepares students to become internationally minded, bilingual and life long learners. We believe each student is different and must have a program designed specifically for her or him. Our school finds the talents in our students, encourages and develops such talents and creates the climate and environment for success in using those talents, 

Our students will be able to finish their high school credits in 2 years. They will have many options including being able to take AP (Advanced Preparation), dual credit and thus be able to get into college with several hours of credit. 

We are not constrained by standarized tests, bells or four walls. Our schedule is year round with breaks in between semesters. There is not summer forgetting and relearning the following September. This alone saves countless hours of actual learning. 

We believe young students should have a rigorous curriculum, should learn to think in a critical way and on a higher order. They should also learn the leadership values that has made our country whole for over 200 years. Our students will know what respect, integrity, kindness and hard work means and will become such a person.

Meet the Team


Prof. Carlos Roncal, School Principal

Prof. Carlos Roncal has over 20 years of experience as an educator, administrator, author and entrepreneur. He has taught at the pre-school, elementary, middle school, high school and university levels. He attended St Andrews School in La Paz, Bolivia, an IB (international bacaulaureate) school.

He has a Bachelors degree in Education from the University of Missouri at St. Louis, a Masters in International Business Management from Arizona State University – Thunderbird Graduate School in International Management and is a certified teacher in the States of Missouri and Texas.

He completed his Texas School Principal certification course at Lamar University in December of 2018